Our busbar systems are available for a wide range of situations and the selection of the most appropriate systems will depend on many factors. The relationship between operating current and voltage levels will determine which busbar system is required. Our engineers are willing to discuss in detail the specification requirements to achieve the most effect system for your project.



Busbar for the electrical supply industry and for large scale HV connections is not a new concept. GKW Busway is a versatile system designed for smaller commercial premises, horizontal distribution, rising mains and feeder applications, and can bring low cost and light weight advantages of an extruded aluminium enclosure to busbar engineering. Busway is compact in size and has an inherent low impedance, which meets the requirements of customers where high current and fault handling capacities are essential.



Providing an extremely cost-effective alternative to HV cable connections, GKW Busduct is supplied in pre-assembled modules and is ideal for connections between transformer and switchboards, motor drives or generators. Busduct is easy to install and is totally reliable, indoor and out, holding an IP65 rating to BS EN 60529:1992+A2:2013. Aluminium enclosures provide a corrosion resistant housing, which encase the conductors and cast epoxy resin insulators.


Isolated Phase Busbar

Isolated Phase Busbars provide the permanent electrical connection between the power generator and the generator transformer and normally operate within the 3.6kV to 36kV range, with currents up to 40kA. Experience gained in a multitude of operating conditions ensure that GKW IPB meets every requirement for reliability and performance and provides a number of key factors...


Open Busbars

For low voltage, high current, DC systems and in some high voltage AC power supply applications, the requirement is for safe and reliable distribution of power from rectifiers, battery rooms and substations to the point of utilisation. GKW have designed, installed and commissioned Open Busbar systems for a wide range of uses, including the electrolytic reduction of zinc and magnesium, smelting of aluminium, refining of copper, electrothermal processing of metals and chemical processes involving electrolysis, as well as conventional switchyard work up to 400kV. In each case our project team has drawn upon our combined company experience and skill set to design and construct an installation that is totally effective and efficient.

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