GKW has a wealth of experience in HV installation and maintenance on-site, specialising in management and control of the HV and LV busbar equipment on power stations with a site team suited to execute the job effectively and efficiently. GKW are not only available to carry out contracted work but also to take the role of Authorised Person and cover any related duties required for the outage, having years of knowledge and time served on power stations.


Our maintenance work is conducted in accordance with BS 6626:2010; GKW also hold extensive engineering standards and procedures for maintaining a full range of busbars systems. These procedures are constantly reviewed and maintained, allowing us to improve the way we support and provide after-care for our customers. As GKW use proprietary designs across a range of busduct products, we have the ability to test and modify maintenance procedures in-house before applying them on site.


GKW can offer two forms of contract; the first is an Operate and Maintain. This programme of work offers a site annual reassurance that a GKW engineer can be there when called upon. The second type of contract is to provide maintenance only to any system where a site has a planned outage; GKW work with the site to maintain the plant within the defined programme. GKW can also offer emergency call out work with a highly skilled team available if a problem arises.

What GKW can offer:

  • Carry out annual visual inspections and provide 24/7/365 fault or emergency response

This is carried out by one of our Engineers. A copy of the inspection sheet is left on site and a full detailed written report later issued to the Contract Manager. This document highlights the findings of the site visit, plus details any problems encountered with the equipment.


  • Take on the role of Authorised Person for that site (if required)


  • Provide experienced Consultancy services


  • Provide a 24/7/365 call out service


  • Carry out HV/MV/LV maintenance on busbar systems

This can include integrated Busduct and Busway, IPB or HV open busbars in switchyards or factories


  • Over 50 years of experience and knowledge

GKW’s knowledge and support in the field of busbar engineering and maintenance will undoubtedly extend the life expectancy of any installed busbars, which for our clients ensures major savings in downtime and repair costs. By carrying out PPM at regular intervals GKW is able to detect potential problems and mitigate the risk of losing plant, preventing unforeseen losses to our clients.



Closely linked to the maintenance of the busbars are the spares and parts which may need replacement or refurbishment. GKW can provide a full catalogue of spares of our own designs and through back engineering, as well having the ability to supply bespoke and off-the-shelf spares and parts by others.

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