Busbar systems in factories and power plants can operate profitably for many years when maintained and looked after properly. Downtime is commonly encountered during planned maintenance or through problems with the supply of spare parts; this can quickly place the system’s continued economic operation in jeopardy.


GKW can provide a full catalogue of spares of our own designs and through back engineering, as well having the ability to supply bespoke and off-the-shelf spares and parts by others. We can provide spare parts in all areas of relevance from flexible connection braids and laminates, post insulators and expansion bellows to standard and bespoke fixings. Our status in many Operation and Maintenance manuals puts us in a position to ensure that we have the knowledge of original or compatible components. This allows operators to minimise risks to availability even in the case of discontinued systems. Thus, GKW offers plant operators and other industrial sites tailored parts and spares to provide an extended lifetime and fulfill the requirements of their systems to help eliminate any threat of shutdown.


Our expertise in spare parts logistics enables us to deliver all available spare parts quickly and reliably anywhere in the world. Our critical spare parts concept embodies the principle of “only critically important spare parts are kept in the on-site store.” All other original or functionally compatible spare parts are shipped in as quickly as possible during outage and/or emergencies. Spare parts incorporate a warranty which can be agreed upon on request, as can the repair and replacement of all spare parts by our excellent site team.


Your benefits:

  • Extended economic life of your plant
  • Optimal cost-efficiency of spare parts supply during outages
  • Critical spares concept minimizes capital lockup, including storage management
  • Long-term reliability for cost planning reduces financial risks

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